It is the overall goal of Hawk Research Laboratories LLC to adopt the following plan as a “Protection of Life and Safety” Policy.  The safety and well-being of Hawk’s employees, customers, and visitors will always remain the number one goal.  This plan should be considered a living document which may be improved upon and adjusted, at their discretion, by Hawk’s management team, as conditions change with regards to Covid-19.

This plan may also be adjusted based on current recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), federal guidelines, and state and local laws.   This plan follows some recommendations from the CDC which were posted on May 15, 2020.  For questions regarding interpretation of this plan, please consult a member of Hawk’s management team.


Hawk Research Labs LLC has adopted an employee awareness policy and self-assessment checklist.  This policy and checklist is designed to reinforce employee awareness of Covid-19 symptoms and reduce the chance of transmitting infection in the workplace.

  • All employees reporting to the 7150 Capitol Drive facility must complete the self-assessment form each day.
  • Office employees are required to complete the on-line form daily once they have logged on at the start of their day and e-mail to Human Resources. This form can be accessed at
  • Warehouse employees are required to complete a paper copy of the form daily once they have clocked in at the start of their day. These paper copies must be handed to their supervisor.

Please consult with your manager or Human Resources if you have additional questions.


Social distancing, also called “physical distancing,” means keeping space between yourself and other people outside of your home, which includes the workplace.  The CDC recommends that people remain at least 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) from other people, that they do not gather in groups, and that they stay out of crowded places and avoid mass gatherings.  Hawk policies on social distancing include:

  • Only one employee is permitted at each table in the Café.
  • Staggered lunch and break times will remain in place until further notice, organized and scheduled by department.
  • The classroom will be used as an extra room for breaks and lunches.
  • Employees with offices or cubicles are encouraged to eat in their work spaces.
  • The north collaboration area is suggested for conversations with multiple employees at a distance.
  • Use of the conference room should be replaced, when possible, by teleconferencing, video conferencing, etc. If the conference room must be used, 6’ minimum distances must be maintained.
  • Use of an “In” box outside offices is encouraged to prevent unnecessary office entry.
  • Office “doorway conversations” are encouraged to maintain appropriate distance.
  • The display room is closed to customers and visitors until further notice.
  • Vendors and visitors should be advised to handle correspondence via phone or video.
  • Employees who do not work in offices or cubicles should maintain a 6’ minimum distance while at work-stations. Note: engineering controls inside warehouse production booths allow for sufficient air movement to maintain a safe work environment with a maximum of 2 employees per booth.
  • Customers in the lobby and customer pickup area should be advised by employees and signage to maintain a 6 foot minimum distancing.
  • Masks and gloves are available for employee use. Please ask a manager for a mask if you need one.
  • If a customer enters the facility without a mask, you may obtain one from a manager for issuance to the customer.
  • The lobby telephone and visitor’s book have been removed from the registration desk, to reduce potential contact surfaces. While visitation from persons outside the organization should be kept to an absolute minimum, if a necessary visit should occur, the visitor should use their cell phone as they would have used the lobby phone.
  • Necessary visitations will be documented by making an entry into the spreadsheet on the public drive at: S:\Public\COVID 19 Related\Visitation Book.xlsx
  • Hawk Employees should avoid any type of business travel, including local appointments, unless absolutely necessary, and only when approved by their supervisor.
  • If this work related travel occurs, they must record their movement on the spreadsheet located on the public drive at S:\Public\COVID 19 Related\Hawk Employee Movement Book.xlsx
  • Hawk Employees will not travel on company business, including local travel, supplies pickup, etc., unless they have in their possession a mask, gloves, and hand sanitizer.
  • The employee’s supervisor will ensure that the above is properly completed.


  • Although the facility is cleaned and touch surfaces are sanitized twice weekly, all Hawk employees are encouraged to assist in sanitizing efforts throughout the day.
  • Personal work surfaces such as desktops, keyboards, mice, and dedicated phones are the responsibility of the employee.
  • Counter spaces, chairs, and tables used by an employee in any common area of the facility should be sanitized by the employee immediately after the employee is finished using those surfaces.
  • Sanitizing supplies are made available for employee use throughout the building. If you notice that these supplies need replenishment, please notify a member of management.
  • A company sponsored effort to daily sanitize common area doorknobs, light switches, lavatory handles, etc., will continue until further notice.
  • Some doors have been held open using door wedges, to reduce the need for doorknob touches. Other doors are required to be kept closed.  Before wedging a door in the open position, please ask a manager for permission.
  • The warehouse drinking fountain will not be used. Solo cups, water bottles, and personal beverage containers should be used until further notice.
  • The following warehouse touch surfaces should be sanitized routinely by employees, under the direction of the Production Manager and Warehouse Manager:
    • Warehouse push carts
    • Work tables
    • Touch surfaces in the label printing area
    • Computer keyboards and mice
    • Computers and shipping equipment in the shipping area
    • Material handling equipment, such as forklifts, etc.
    • Power tools
  • A checklist will be utilized by the warehouse staff to record the routine sanitization of shared work surfaces.
  • Employees should clean up after themselves when using the restrooms, remembering to wipe surfaces that they touch. Do not flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilets.


  • Gloves are available for any employee who would like to wear them, please ask if you do not find gloves immediately available
  • Personal masks may be used in the workplace, at employee’s discretion
  • Inbound freight in the form of small packages should be initially handled with gloves
  • Inbound mail should be initially handled with gloves
  • Transaction materials such as credit cards and cash should be handled with gloves
  • Separate procedures for handling in person customer transactions are being developed
  • Please note and follow all signage throughout the building
  • Employees will not touch any time card other than their own
  • Café garbage will be emptied while using gloves only
  • Employees should be cognizant that refrigerators may be completely emptied at the end of any given business day, and contents discarded.