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Hawk Research Laboratories engages in trade sales only to industry professionals who are properly trained and versed in the safe handling, storage, application, and disposal of resurfacing products.  The Buyer, whose signature or that of a representative authorized to sign on their behalf, appears below assumes all risk and liability for the use of Hawk’s products in accordance with Seller’s Terms and Conditions of Sale.   In order to ensure that our customers are aware of the safe handling of their products and equipment, as well as their responsibility to ensure the safety of themselves, their employees, their customers, and the environment, this simple checklist has been developed for the Buyer to certify that they have taken the proper steps before they handle Hawk resurfacing products. 


Please read the selections below and complete the bottom portion of this document confirming your agreement and acceptance. If you have any questions regarding the safe use of Hawk Products, please contact us at 800-321-4295.


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

I understand that all SDS must be read and understood before handling any Hawk Labs resurfacing products, and I have a full set for the products that I purchase.


Product Receiving, Storage, and Disposal

I understand that there are specific procedures for the storage and disposal of certain Hawk Products, and I am aware that when hazardous/dangerous goods are received at my place of business, they should be signed for right away and not left at a doorstep, or at a place where they can be handled by others who are not aware of their specific hazards.



I understand that product labels contain important safety information regarding the safe handling of the product, and as such, I understand that I should NEVER transfer any Hawk Labs resurfacing products into another container.



I understand that, as a kitchen and bath resurfacing professional, my company is required to purchase and maintain the proper air handling/ventilation equipment necessary to perform on-site resurfacing, to protect myself, protect others, and deliver a quality product to my customers. I also understand that this type of equipment must be used properly in order to be effective.


Personal Protection

I understand that resurfacing products are meant for professional use only, that they are dangerous, and that they can affect the human body through several routes of entry.  This means that fresh air supplied, positive pressure breathing equipment, as well as protective goggles, clothing, gloves, and booties are required equipment for my profession through all stages of the resurfacing process.


Environmental Protection

I understand that, as a resurfacing professional, I have a responsibility to protect the environment by ventilating fumes, dusts, and particulates in such a manner as to protect others, as well as the environment. I also understand that I must dispose of empty containers and spray gun washout in a manner which is legal, safe, and responsible to the environment.


Employer Responsibility

I understand that all of the above good practices are not just my personal responsibility, but the responsibility of my employees, and I have policies and plans in place to properly train my employees in best practices, to ensure that my company is professional and safe.


Customer Protection

I understand that, as a professional coatings applicator, it is my duty to my customers, their families, visitors, and guests to protect them from any hazards of the resurfacing process. This includes but is not limited to jobsite product storage, equipment setup, resurfacing operations, product curing, and proper disposal of wastes.

Buyer agrees that any form of electronic signature, including but not limited to signatures via facsimile, scanning, or electronic mail, may substitute for the original signature and shall have the same legal effect as the original signature.
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If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to our Sales or Customer Service teams. Our contact information is below and we are happy to help. Thank you in advance, and for your continued business.


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